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Your mind will be at ease while you’re on your vacation – because you know your cat is enjoying a vacation too – at the luxury Bed & Breakfast cat boarding kennel for felines – Pampered Cats, A CATS ONLY FACILITY.

Pampered Cats is located in a private home, a fact that ensures your cat’s safety and provides love and attention for him/her while they are boarding.
The view from the main boarding room is through a large picture window that overlooks the nearby cranberry bogs (photo above right) and floods the room with light. The condos are constructed of warm, honey-pine stained wood and smooth formica-type interior surfaces for maximum cleanliness. Screened condo doors provide each kitty with panoramic views and lots of light. Pampered Cats offers three different types of condos.

Townhome condos (right) are 3’x3’x7’ high with multiple levels

Studio condos are 3’x3’x4’ high and have two levels

Presidential condo is 7’ long 2’ wide and 7’ high

Designed for large families, the Presidential condo houses up to five cats at a time. This unit has multiple levels and multiple shelves for sleeping and climbing. Townhome condos easily house two or three cats and also have multiple shelves for climbing and sleeping. Studios are used for single cats and meet safety requirements for housing kittens and elderly cats. Easy-step stools are provided to serve as a transition platform between levels, allowing senior cats and kittens to safely and conveniently reach the upper level. Truly a cat hotel.

Our condos have been designed with all solid-surface interiors (no wire cages that leave the cats feeling totally vulnerable) so cats do not have to look at one another if they don’t want to. Cats also get to come out of their condo for some playtime if they wish.

We encourage cat owners to come visit Pampered Cats so they can see the wonderful cat care environment their kitty will be enjoying while they’re away. Although we work primarily by appointment, we will be glad to set up a time at your convenience to stop by and take a tour.

At Pampered Cats we do everything we can to make your beloved pet’s stay as enjoyable as possible. As cat owners ourselves (we have four), we find each of our guests to be totally unique personalities that are capable of absorbing all the love we give them in your absence. Some of our best friends are the cats that visit with us.

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