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People who didn’t board that should have.

We’ve all faced the situation. Who will care for kitty while we’re away. The most common options are:

• Leave pets at home and have a pet sitter or family come in.
Leave your pet at someone else’s home.
Board your kitty at a cat boarding kennel.

Our customers at the B&B tell us some great stories about why they board their cats. Each of the following is a true story related to us by one of our customers.

Home alone
Cats left home alone can get lonely, bored and in a lot of trouble.

Rye was a big Bengal cat that loved to play with water running from the faucet. Laurie had made a reservation, then called and cancelled as she felt Rye probably would be fine at home. After all, they would only be gone two days (one overnight). Alone and bored, Rye became intrigued by the new faucet just installed in the upstairs bath. The faucet had one of those long, gracefully curved handles that ascended far above the sink. With plenty of time to work, Rye obviously figured out how to push the handle up and get the water running.

On their return Monday morning Bobby went to open the front door and was horrified to see water running out over the threshold. In full panic, he raced around back, only to find water pouring out under the back door too. Once inside the house they could only stare in disbelief at the sagging ceilings and ruined floors. Water was pouring down the stairs, as if someone had installed a new water feature during their absence. Bobby could hear the water running
as he ran up the stairs where he found the new faucet running full tilt, water pouring out of the sink and down onto the floor.

Rye’s little escapade caused in excess of $30,000 worth of damage in the few hours he was “home alone.”

We have other stories too. Lori and Bobby now have a new cat, Bella. Friends voluntered to come over and tend Bella for a couple of days recently. Bella sleeps with Bobby and Laurie, but the friends closed the bedroom door at night, arousing Bella’s ire. A few days after their return, Laurie noticed a bad aroma in the house. She searched and searched but could see nothing obvious. Pausing by one of her little blanket lined decorator baskets, Laurie noticed the odor was quite strong. Leaning over to sniff the basket she was greeted by the acrid odor of week old cat urine. Bella, a fastidiously clean little kitty, miffed at being banished from the bedroom, had exhibited her displeasure with the sleeping arrangements by making a donation in every basket she could.

Then there is Will, pictured below. His dad left him home alone for a couple of days. He started climbing the curtains after getting bored and tore them right off the wall. After that he started chewing on dad’s precious collection of Indian artifacts displayed on the fireplace mantle. Mind you, Will had ignored these objects for years, but he knew how to show his displeasure in a way that really hurt. Will spent a lot of time at the “cat house” after that incident.

Will got busted for bad behavior.

Moral of these stories?

Expect the unexpected

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